Uber Update Brings New Feature to Add Saved Places

Uber is the class app for booking a cab near by you. It has became one of the popular app in the Maps and Navigation category. The every update of Uber , the app is getting more smart and easy to use. Today we are here to describe about the new update of Uber app which brings out a new feature known as Uber Saved Places.


About the Uber Saved Places

We have many places where we visit again and again, places like Home and Work are most comman and widely used. Where as there are many places other than Home and Work where we visit again and again such as some great Restaurants, a friend’s location, and many others. This are the places we may visit frequently, but the harsh truth is that, remembering the address of all the location is bit tough.

Uber Saved Places is the new feature of Uber which help us to save any places other than Home and Work. The Uber Saved Places helps the user to bookmark and forget the address of the place and make the Uber app more personalized.

Earlier to this update, I personally use to save location on the Google Maps and then book a cab from there. But with the help of this update of Uber Saved Places, I will be saving my few seconds and will have a better experience of using Uber app.

Uber always says “Time is a luxury and the info you need should always be at your fingertips”. With this update they stick to their core beliefs and continue to serve with reliable rides in minutes—day or night.


Uber Saved Places update will be available today to US riders and to expand internationally later this year!