Uber India Will Now Put an Authorization Hold on Your Card Before Your Trip Begins

Uber is most popular cab booking app which always believes in customer satisfaction. The main aim of uber is to provide a hassle-free ride to their customers. Now Uber has started rolling out a payment authorization hold feature. This feature will enable a company to hold a user’s upfront fare amount ahead of a trip. Uber will now authorize non-cash payment (credit and debit cards) method for every trip you requested.


As per Uber, this move will help in confirming that users account is active and available to fund their requested trip. Uber Authorization hold feature will allow users to hold the upfront fare at the beginning of the trip. Then on users account, the temporary authorization hold will show a pending charge which is later converted into full charge after the trip is completed. Depending on the user’s bank, they will also get a message notification.

The Uber also said that user can check his bank account statements in order to verify whether the final charge is correct or not. However, at the end of your requested ride, this pending charge will convert to a full charge. In addition, now you can schedule your Uber ride with Kommen app.

How the ‘Authorization Hold’ will work for Uber rides

  • When you book a ride, a temporary authorization hold placed on your card, for the upfront fare of your ride.
  • Now the authorization hold will show you a pending charge on your account.
  • If your account balance is lower than estimated fare then authorization hold will automatically fail.
  • Then for requesting a ride, you have to choose a different payment option or add a new payment method to your Uber account.
  • Once your requested ride is complete then this authorization hold will convert into a final charge.

However, if your trip is canceled or the total fare doesn’t match with the upfront fare, then the earlier authorize hold will automatically vanish from your account. Depending on various bank policy, the process could take a few minutes or few days for canceled authorizations. Also, once the trip is complete, your bank will send you one or more SMS in order to notify authorized hold and the actual charge.

Additionally, if the account balance of the user (credit or debit card) is lower than the estimated fare. Then the authorization hold will directly fail. So a user has to choose a different payment method or add a new payment method to book a ride. Do try this feature of Uber and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.