Telegram Is Now Updated with Scheduled Messages and Custom Themes

Telegram messenger is now updated to version 5.10 last month, which brings you extra features. Although there is no official announcement about the introduced features which was kept silent. The new update brings slow mode for groups, silent messages, and several other features. Telegram messenger released another update today which brings the version to 5.11. This update brings few new features which include custom cloud themes, condensed message options, scheduled messages, new privacy settings, and several new animated emoji. 


New Telegram Update v5.11 Explained:

  • Scheduled Messages:

Previously, silent messages feature added in the previous update which can be used by holding the send button in the Messenger. Now telegram messenger brings scheduled messages feature which can also be done by holding the send button and selecting the schedule message option. You need to schedule any time and date and enter the message which you want to schedule. Messenger will automatically send that particular message in a specified time in the near future. This feature also works in the saved messages chat box which can be used for making reminders in the app.

  • Cloud Themes:

Now the telegram messenger allows the user to create anything depending on the color and the wallpaper choice. You can also customize it manually and share it instantly. While you are sharing theme with other users the link will be sent, in any case any user changes the theme then it gets updated for all its contacts.

  • Redesigned Message Options:

This feature is not similar to the WhatsApp Messenger where you can select any portion of the message and copy or share it by selecting the text. The message will give you a single menu with various options like reply, copy, forward, delete and many more.

  • New Animated Emoji and Privacy Settings:

The privacy settings of the telegram messenger are updated from where you can now set who can see your phone number to nobody. You can also change the settings of who can find me by my number to my contacts. This will ensure that no of the random user can find you by contacts. Apart from that, there are several animated emojis gets added to the already available animated emojis list.


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