Telegram for Android Gets Instant Video Streaming, Auto-Night Mode, and More

Telegram is an instant messaging app which is simple, fast and secure to use. The app has over 100 million active users within two and a half years. Telegram for Android devices has recently received an update to version 4.8. This update includes features such as automatic night mode activation, streaming of videos without downloading them.


Also, the app has Logged in with Telegram section that is listed on all the websites and a third-party app. In a recent update, Telegram added Multiple accounts and Quick Reply support to its app. Let’s take a quick look at the new Telegram features which are as follows:

Auto Night Mode:

However, many users love the dark mode theme during chatting at night. The app already has a darker theme, but it is possible that you don’t want it to be applied during the day. Changing your theme, again and again, will be the most irritating process. So the app has introduced the option in its new update which automatically changes the theme.

For this option, just open the menu section by swiping to the right of the app. Go to setting section and find the new Auto Night Mode. Later you can see three option which includes disabled, scheduled, and automatic section. You can select any one option from it which you like the most.

Telegram Login:

With this new update, it has introduced new login widget for external third-party apps or websites. It works similarly as Google and Facebook login integration does. It allows you to type your phone number and login to your browser using the Telegram app on your mobile.

Once you’re done with setup, the task of logging into websites or third-party app with the Telegram login widget becomes easy with a two-click process. This will not only help for an easy sign-up process but also make smoother to carry forward a conversation from the website to the app if the third-party is using a Telegram bot.

Video Streaming:

You can directly stream your received video within the Telegram app. You don’t have to wait for a long time to fully download the video and later start watching it. This feature is already available on WhatsApp.

For streaming, simply hit the play button and the video will start playing. It will show a light grey strip which is available below the video to show download progress to users. However, this feature will only work with videos uploaded from the official app.

Apart from this, Telegram has releases Telegram X app for Android users. The company promises to change the experience in terms of speed, quality of animations, and ease of use among others. The app has a bubble-free mode for chats and a list of swiping actions. Also, it has the ability to allow users to preview content with a tap and hold gesture on their chats.


Coming back to Telegram, you can directly download the latest version of the app directly from Google Play store. Do try this feature and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.