#IO15 : Now on Tap – Google Now Update

Google Now is really a good assistant on Android Smartphone, which not only gives out the best result but is very useful in all the ways. You can ask whatever you want about your bookings, your flights, your nearest gas station.


At IO 2015 they divided the Google Now in three parts which are as follow:


This is the first part where you ask questions to Google, this includes a variety of questions like Where\’s my Flight, you can do mathematics and many more.



Once you ask a question, google goes through instant process and gives out the best results. Google not only gives out best results but also keeps on giving the updates which you require at the best time. As we all know, Google now can manage to get Sports news, Purchase photos and many more.



Google once gets you the answer, goes on the next level with creating a call in action. For e.g. if you question Call xyz, it will not only recognize but also call it via your smartphone.


This is a simple Preview of how Now on Tap will work.


They also released Now on Tap, which will be an update to Google now. Stay tuned for Now on Tap