Soon You Will Be Able to Get Smart Cover by FlexCase

Did any of us have ever imagined a mobile flip cover with flexible display? Well. At-least I didn’t, but as a matter of fact, Microsoft and Austrian researchers have developed a prototype of a smart flip cover for smartphones with touch-sensitive flexible display. They are calling it ‘FlexCase‘.


So, talking about cutting edge technology and innovation, Here we are with a super smart phone which can now be accompanied with a smart cover. At first, you might be wondering whats the use of this silly smart cover but wait till you know it. The cover allows the Users to flip pages, zoom in and out, navigate pages and rotate maps by bending the cover forward or backward.

I think it would really save us loads of time rather opening the cover and performing these activities. And rightly they say, Time is Money. So this cover seems a cool thing to come into the market as buying one would help you use your phone in a more convenient and fluent way. Also, another great thing about this cover is you can actually use this cover as an extended visual display screen for searching and typing. Well this is way more cooler than it sounds.

The cover adds new meaning to user’s phone usage experience as you can use your phone in a BOOK MODE which would mean the screen space is extended for usage, you can access the phone in LAPTOP MODE that allows the cover to be operated as a virtual keyboard and finally a BACKSIDE MODE.


The cover uses 5′ x 3′ Piezoelectric Input Sensor and has high fidelity bending enabled also allows you dynamic touch gestures added on with pressure-sensitive touch. The cover has abilities that allow multi touch and back side touch. So, it’s not just a cover but an add on to your phone which will add meaning to your device and not just protect it. I would say it’s a must buy and you won’t regret after buying it once you discover the fact that “How awesome it is”.

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