Sold 61.1 Million Devices in 2014, Says Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun

With the growth of 227% Xiaomi sold 61.1 million smartphone in the year 2014. According to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun company have seen huge increasing in revenue i.e $11.97 billion which is double of the previous year as posted on the official wedio account. Whereas Xiaomi sold 18.7 million phones in 2013 compare to 61.1 million (227% increased) in 2014 and having huge expansion plans for 2015 said Jun.


He also stated about the marketing strategy of Xiaomi with adding “Few smartphone manufacturer stared coping Xiaomi strategy ” of selling devices only through sites. As Xiaomi for well know for its flash sales, where thousands of phones sold in less than a minute.  2015 going to even more bigger as company entering in global markets with their upcoming budget phones. Mr Jun as also declared about the next flagship phone to be revealed on 15th of January.

In addition Jun Said
2014 is a year of important milestones for Xiaomi: From chasing other players in the industry, we are now being pursued by others. Nearing the end of last year, we even found ourselves facing a patent lawsuit, which can be considered a rite of passage for a company that is coming of age,”

Recently, Xiaomi Raises more than $1 million in funding and investor valuate it as $45 million for this not 5 year old company. We can expect Xioami to deliver more huge sales in the year 2015. With the new upcoming phone this smartphone vendor plans to enter into new markets in world and ready to compete with huge market hulks like Samsung, HTC, LG, Asus, Lenovo, Micromax etc. Although company have even seen a great sales in Mi Accessories

, Mi Power Banks. Budget phones like Redmi 1s has broken down the Indian Android market in term of pricing. Another phones like Mi3 and Mi4 was able to standing in Indian smartphone markets due the the features  and spec company offer at low price.