Snapchat Working on ‘Stories Everywhere’ to Share Content with Websites, Other Apps

Snapchat is popular with the idea of sharing moments from your day with specific followers or all of them with a feature called ‘Stories.’ This features became very popular and also the feature is copied by Snapchat rivals such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Snapchat is working on a new feature which will allow users to share their stories outside the Snapchat app. The new feature is known as ‘Stories Everywhere’ which is designed to boost the Snapchat’s presence beyond the core mobile apps.


According to the report by Cheddar, Snapchat is developing a new feature called ‘Stories Everywhere’ which will help to push the content outside the app and into the broader web ecosystem. Snapchat said, the company is inspired by Twitter which allows content publishers to embed tweets in posts and blog articles. You can copy the embed code of a tweet from Twitter and publish it in your articles on your website or blog. Similarly, you may soon be able to embed Snapchat stories in your blog posts.

However, the basic objective of this feature is very simple. The company says the more you see Snapchat’s content online, the more likely you might be use Snapchat or at least watch its content online. There are no official words that how this feature will work with Snapchat.

Since both Facebook and Instagram don’t offer embedded versions of their Stories, so Snapchat would be the first one to introduce this feature. As per a report, Snapchat has hired Rahul Chopra, the former VP and global head of video at News Corp. Snapchat main aim is to increased the number of users and make Snapchat a more engaging destination for news, sports, and other premium video and editorial content.

In related news, Snapchat has introduced a feature called “Your 2017 Story.” It is very similar to Facebook’s Year in Review video which shows activities of 2017. Instead of status updates and posts, Snapchat will select your saved memories throughout 2017 and packs into a unique story. You can also save this stories and shared with your friends on the Snapchat platform. Do try this new feature of Snapchat called ‘Stories Everywhere’ and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.