Snapchat Will Soon Allow Users To Add Music Just Like TikTok

Snap Inc., the parent company of SnapChat is looking to buy the Music rights from the top record labels to add music into the Snapchat App. They are in talks with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group to get the license for users to add music into the Snapchat story and make it more musically just like TikTok and Instagram.


There have been many updates for Snapchat in the past to compete with Tiktok and Instagram. Snapchat also added lip syncing “Lens Challenge” feature back a short time ago, which allowed users to create lip sync videos with augmented reality effects.

There is a great and healthy competition between Snapchat and Instagram. Both of the apps have been copying the features of each other for a long time.  Recently, Instagram has also added the music feature with the help of Spotify integration.

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