The Smartphone Revolution is Affecting Casino Games Too


Home computers were first available to consumers in the late 1970s and slowly proliferated across the globe and revolutionized society, economics, and popular culture, to name a few, forever. One important revolution within the computer industry was the advent of the ‘smartphone’ – the handheld device that let us carry a computer with us and allowed us to perform all the tasks of our personal computers without the requirement of being at home.

First introduced in Japan in 1999, the smartphone really took off in its present incarnation in the late 2000s. Since then, as computing power continues to grow and costs continue to fall, it is estimated that over 2 billion people around the world currently possess smartphones – a number that is rising exponentially. There is no denying their impact on our lives as they keep is constant contact with our friends, family and the rest of the world; we also use our smartphones increasingly for banking, shopping, taking photos, and recreation.

One of the most amazing transformations in recent years has been that of mobile gambling. Like almost everything from our PCs, apps have been made for us to partake with our phones and gambling is no exception. The first mobile casinos saw great success and motivated a rush and now the industry is booming with exciting games for all to enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the options presently offered by cutting-edge mobile casinos.


Not surprisingly, poker is an extremely popular mobile game in keeping with the game’s overall increase in popularity. Texas Hold’em tournaments or cash games, Omaha High/Low, Freeroll Tournaments, cash tables, rebuys or freezeouts are all available for players to enjoy at their leisure. So the big benefit of playing mobile poker on your phone or tablet is the ability to play the specific games and/or tournaments you want regardless of where you are. Additionally, you can play different time zones as well to cater to your preference of games or opponents.

Casino Games

Mobile casinos like 32Red also provide an array of popular casino games. Slot machines have always been popular and many are themed to your favorite movie, TV series, etc. to add to your enjoyment. 32Red offers several mobile slots based on TV series like Game of Thrones or classics like Mega Moolah. There are variations of roulette available such as London, Double Ball, and Speed varieties. For those who enjoy cards but want a break from poker, there is casino classic Blackjack – 32Red offers a mobile version of its Classic Blackjack Gold Series. The great thing about the aforementioned games is that they are perfect for when you only have a few short minutes to play while waiting for the bus or queuing in the supermarket.

Sports Betting

One of the most popular uses of mobile casinos is sports betting which has grown astronomically to provide action on almost every game in every sport. Additionally, most sites offer parlays and a large menu of (sometimes crazy) prop bets like yes/no or over/under on strange statistics. For example the kind of hat Floyd Mayweather wore in his fight against Conor McGregor or how many free throws LeBron James might attempt in a given game. When it comes to sports betting, the mobile option is great because odds change constantly so by checking in on your phone you can see if a game’s current odds are good enough for your action.



Betting Options Continue to Boom on Mobi” (CC BY 2.0) by BagoGames

Other Games

The classic game of bingo has been given a new lease of life on smartphones, with chat hosts available 24 hours per day to provide some light banter and additional games. Also worth mentioning is the number of lottery games that are available on smartphones and that allow players to buy their tickets online without actually having to go to a store. Perfect for when you forget on the day of the big jackpot draw.

Smartphones and tablets are constantly changing how we communicate, shop and pay for things. In conjunction with sites like Vegas Casino Online, where you can find lesser-known versions of classic casino games like Caribbean Poker, mobile casinos are changing the way we game today.