Smart Replies in Android Messages Now Rolling Out to More Users

Last year, Google introduced Smart Replies feature to Android Messages. Earlier Smart Replies feature was limited to selected devices, as it was a server side rollout. But as per the new reports, Google is expanding Smart Replies in Android Message, as many of users have seen this feature appear on their devices.


Just to remind you, Smart Replies is a Google Product which automatically generates the response to the messages that you receive. But from the last couple of days, the feature has started rolling to a broader audience. For examples, you can see Google’s Inbox which also suggests the quick replies for you. To start with Smart Replies feature in Android Messages, move towards the setting section and toggle on the Smart Reply feature.

According to Reddit user report, the Smart Reply feature is making its way to Android Messages. Reddit user has seen this feature rolling on Nexus 6 device. However, if you haven’t seen this feature on you’re device then it may take time to roll for all users.

Meanwhile, you can try Google’s Reply feature which also gives similar functionality to other apps like WhatsApp, Hangout and more. In addition, Android P also supports for Smart Reply feature within the new notification type.

Moreover, Google has launched a Google Lens standalone app

to go forward with Augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence. What do you think about Smart Replies feature? If you’re seeing this feature on your device, then let us know by commenting in our comment section below.