Sign up for Google’s User Research Program and help to Guide Android’s Future

Google’s User Experience Research is a program where you can help Google to make its product better. Not only Google build all product for Android. But also the company works with many people which include some Android users like you. The company’s aim is to add a new feature, improve their performance and makes the best OS for a better experience.


If users want to help Google to make their product better then they just have to sign up for this User Research Program. This program gives full access to unreleased services, product, and features of Android. Once the Signup process is done, users can participate in the studies which will help to shape the future of Android and Google.

Users can share their idea with Google for a particular product and features. However, after signup, Google will send you a questionnaire sheet. So you can match the ongoing studies which are currently in progress.

If Google picks you for the study, then you will receive all the details including methods, location and time. Moreover, this studies can be conducted at Google’s office or in the company’s research vans. Also, you can take part in the survey from your own house itself.

With Google’s User Research program, you can get a reward for helping Google in their studies. If you are a huge fan of Android and want to help Google in improving their OS then this is the best chance for you. Simply you have to visit this link

and signup for Google’s User Research Program.