US Senator Proposes a Bill to Ban Snapchat ‘Snapstreaks’

A few days back, a U.S. senator proposed a bill to ban the Snapchat ‘Snapstreaks”. Snapstreaks is a feature of Snapchat where users have to send at least one snap which includes either a photo or a video within 24 hours in order to maintain the streak with their friends. The feature displays the number of days you have been sending a photo regularly to your friend. The streak gets disappear if you fail to send a photo within 24 hours. Some users are so dedicated to their streaks that Snapchat has a form on its website for inquiries to recover lost streaks that may have disappeared erroneously.


The ban is proposed in order to curb the overuse of internet and social media. The U.S. senator who wants this feature to get ban believes that there has been a lot of overuse of social media and the Internet, making people more addicted to worthless things. Snapchat is part of Senator Josh Hawley’s “Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology (Smart) Act” to ban addictive and deceptive techniques” by social media companies, the Missouri Republican said in a statement. The bill would also ban infinite scroll and autoplay features, which provide users with an endless supply of content. Social media platforms would have to include “natural stopping points,” Hawley said.

Michael Beckerman, President, and CEO of the Internet Association, a trade group whose members include Snap, said companies like Snap are invested in promoting “healthy online experiences” and that policy proposal “must be evidence-based.”


Snapchat’s number has risen around 203 million of daily active users in the second quarter from 190 million from the prior quarter, Snap said last week. Snap shares fell 3.2% to close at $16.93 on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday.