Say No To Whatsapp+, WhatsappMD before They Ban You Permanently

Few days back Whatsapp Inc started banning users with third party apps like, Whatsapp PLUS, Whatsapp MD etc temporarily for 24 to 72 hours. But in recent we have received numerous comments and emails about “Whatsapp banning” thing  and which is not for temporary. We request you to stop downloading such third party apps if you don’t want yourself to get banned Permanently. But in the poll, took on Above Android site, we found users showing more interest in 3rd party app than original WhatsApp, which may be because of additional feature user can enjoy over 3rd party apps.


Look what Some Banned User has to say on AboveAndroid 

Riina commented “My countdown has finished, but my WhatsApp isn’t working still’ the countdown started again but with 120 hours”

Rahul Verma mailed us ” Firstly, I have been banned for 24 hours, now ban time extend to 72 hours. Since its 9th day, I still cannot use Whatsapp normally. Please help”

How to Recover from Permanent Ban on Whatsapp?

There is no way to get out of the permanent ban, only thing you can do is “Get a new sim card and registered with new number”. But we at Above Android thinks that ” Permanent block ” thing may not last forever as it may lead to many issue for Whatsapp Inc. So you can wait for few more days to use Whatsapp normally, meanwhile you can use whatsapp alternatives.

Things to note even if you moved back to original Whatsapp

We have received few emails say about “Got Banned even after moving to original Whatsapp ” HOW? This can be because of old Whatsapp+ files in your device,  make sure you clean up your device storage and remove Whatsapp plus files from SD card.

Look what one of the comment on Above Android has to say


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