Samsung Patents a Sliding Phone with 2 Screens

Samsung may add another design to the line up of smartphones it has been producing over time such as Galaxy Flip which is a foldable phone and can also be used as a tablet. In its new patent, design shows two screens which slide vertically and has screens on the rear as well as front end. The patent was reportedly submitted in July but it has just recently come in the spotlight.


The design appears to be a sliding smartphone that has two screens with a curved display on the front and a flat display on the back. The phone appears to meet at the sides which appear as a single wrap-around display. It the phone comes it would feature the latest Android.

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The design could be done for an appreciation of the blueprint but the sketches that have been surfaced has a UI which portrays usage of the design. One of the sketches shows how the users can drag apps from the main screen and use it on the rear display. Other use case shows that rear screen could display information about the photo or video that is occupied on the front screen. It could come as a valid design if Samsung starts working on this kind of tech with a screen that has higher durability and toughness.

About the design, Samsung has not specified if both the screen will use the same technology, even in the patent, it is mentioned that the front display could be an OLED or LCD and the rear display could be an e-ink screen.


As for the cameras, it is hidden behind the screen and when you slide the phone it will be visible. The rear camera is visible when you slide the front display and the front camera is visible when you slide the rear display.

Image Credits: LetsGoDigital