Samsung Galaxy S7 : What and When to Expect?

Dual camera? 2 day battery life? Over the top performance? Curved Screen?
Yes, we do have all kind of spec leaks and rumors coming in from across the world with what it could be like. The most anticipated phone of the year would be launched on 21st of Feb as it’s been made official by Samsung. So we can anticipate a lot from the S7 as Galaxy S series has always been the game changer by Samsung. We can easily say it sets the trend for the coming year in terms of specs and performance, as it tops the chart in every aspect.


The specifications of the phone would be or rather should be:

Camera and Design

There was a camera bump on Galaxy S6 and it was criticized quite a lot, coming to S7 it will have a ramped down bump which would mean something with little less aperture. Talking about the megapixels it would be 12 in contrast to 15mp in S6.To be precise, it will be 12.2 MP primary camera with BRITECELL Sensors, 5 MP Front facing camera with Dual Video. Other than that it is expected to carry a fingerprint scanner and a retina scanner as well.


The performance matrix would be breaking records as it would be tipped off with Octa Core Snapdragon 820 / Exynos 8890, 64 bit Chipset.

Memory Standards

A whooping 6GB of RAM could be a new benchmark with the next flagship and they might also reinstate external storage support, as according to leaks it might support 200GB of expandable storage on the device.


A 3,000 mAh battery to be part of the package, it would be non-removable and would back the punch for staggering 14hrs of video play screen time in full brightness.


Super Amoled screen of 5.1 inches with a sleek look and high resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and 576ppi pixel density to go with it.

Additional Features

It would be IP67 water and dust resistant, #-D touch would be good to see and a retina scanner is what we are looking forward to with this release.


All variants of the device are said to come housed in a black frame, with a choice of black, white, silver or gold finishings.So choice is yours really.Which one you would go for?

#TheNextGalaxy will more or less have the same specs which have been leaked in the last week or so but the exciting thing would still be that how the brand would surprise the masses. Will it be the next big phone that Samsung needs in this dipping markets, will it carry forward the legacy of super smart phones.All this would be unveiled on the launch day which is strangely one day before the mega-event MWC at Barcelona.