Samsung Galaxy S5 May Have Fingerprint Scanner Instead Of Iris

CES is over and we are heading towards the Mobile World Congress, that doubtless means that we are getting closer to new phone announcements from the mobile manufactures.One of those major company is Samsung, and that we expect the South Korean electronics giant to announce subsequent generation of the Samsung Galaxy S with the Galaxy S5 phone. Rumors have suggested the announcement will actually are available March, however it’s up in the air at this time.


According to a KoreanHerald source, who wanted to stay anonymous , Samsung is testing differing types of biometric scanners but has deemed the iris (read eye) an unintuitive one. simply imagine obtaining your eye near the front of the device each time you would like to unlock it. Now imaging doing so during a dark room, cinema or once you are sporting eyeglasses. With Apple popularizing the fingerprint scanner within the iPhone 5S and HTC following along side the HTC One max, many of the internet agency tend to assume that Samsung would also want to provide one thing similar. That doesn’t mean that the South Korean electronics giant is copying them, however they can’t facilitate but notice history suggests that Samsung  continually look to one-up their most direct competitors.

Here’s a preliminary list of everything we should expect from Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Display : HD (2,560×1,440) Super AMOLED
  • Processor may be Exynos 6 / Snapdragon 805
  • Camera of 16-megapixel
  • Android Version 4.4 KitKat

This all are just the rumors with no specific source, so we all have to likely wait until the month of March or April to see what Samsung decided to do for its Next Galaxy phone. Thus Stay connected and keep visiting us for much details about the Samsung Galaxy s5