Samsung Galaxy S21 Hands-on Leaks Before its Launch Today

Samsung Unpack event is going to take place later this day and prior to that, a thread on Twitter has revealed a lot of information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Flagships that we will be seeing its release today. The thread confirms some of the leaks that we have been suspecting over a period of time and it also reveals the pricing for the US Market.


The tweet shows the images and comparison of the upcoming flagship models with respect to its size and dimensions. The users state that the biggest variant which is Galaxy S21 Ultra is “THICKKKK” in comparison to Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Twitter user also says that it is one of the thickest flagships the user has held in years.


It appears that the Twitter User Mr Techie has received these models through a US retail carrier. The employees are trained to not mention that the base version which is Samsung Galaxy S21 has a plastic back and none of the other models will come with a power adapter. The employees are also trained to not admit that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will not have microSD card slot unless and until asked by a customer.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be allegedly priced at $1200 but carries will be having enticing offers to attract customers. The US carriers are known to offer trade-in promotions and BOGO offers since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S21.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is tipped to be priced at $800 which maybe due to its plastic back and smaller dimensions as compared to Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Though S21+ and S21 Ultra both will have a glass back. S21+ will come with 4800 mAh Battery while S21 Ultra will be backed by 5000 mAh battery.