Samsung Galaxy S10 To Come In 3 Models: Rumors

It is believed that 2019 is going to belong to Samsung in the smartphone arena. The Galaxy S flagship of Samsung always come up with some exciting things that make everyone eagerly wait for the launch of the next device. Samsung’s next flagship is rumored to have the potential of being the biggest smartphone of the year. As per the rumors, Samsung is going to launch its next Galaxy S series i.e. Samsung Galaxy S10 in three variant models.


Samsung Galaxy S9 was a powerful make but in this competitive arena of smartphones, S9 lacked behind in comparison when other well-built devices were launched later in the year. So, if s10 wants to mark its name in the gadget world Samsung needs to do some colossal changes to be dominant among all the others

Samsung Galaxy s10 Price and Release date:

The next edition of Samsung Galaxy S series is most likely to get launched in early 2019. As per the sources, it is believed that s10 is going to get launched at CES 2019 in January. If not at CES 2019 it might get launched at MWC 2019 which is going to take place between 25-29 February. Samsung never launched its flagship over here but past few models such as s9 have been launched here. Looking at the recent launches of this flagship, Samsung Galaxy s10 should get launched by the end of March 2019.

There are no such rumors yet about the pricing of the device. But when it will go on for sale it is going to cost you more. But if the rumors are to be believed true then there’s an advantage of 3 models getting launched as they will vary in prices and you can get options to buy the device as per your budget.

News and Rumors:

  • The sources say that Galaxy s10 is getting developed under the code name “Beyond”. According to rumors, there are three phones which are going to get launched under the same flagship. “Beyond 0” with a display of 5.8-inch and single rear camera, “Beyond 1” will have same display size but it will have a dual rear camera and “Beyond 2” will have a 6.2-inch display and triple rear camera.
  • Samsung is yet to launch its in-display fingerprint sensor. There are rumors that this time Samsung is finally going to come up with its first in-display fingerprint sensor. So, there would be no surprise if there is in-display fingerprint sensor in Galaxy s10.
  • If Samsung is really working on a smartphone with a triple rear camera then undoubtedly Samsung Galaxy s10 is going to be the smartphone with the best camera till now.
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These are just the rumors that sources are saying but if they turn true then Samsung Galaxy s10 is surely going to be one of the inimitable smartphones.

Let us know what you people are expecting or what you want as a user in Samsung Galaxy s10. Do you think that Galaxy s10 can be the best out of all the worthy smartphones? Share your opinions about in the comment section.