Samsung Galaxy Note 10 With Vertical Stacked Camera Design Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Note flagship is one of the most awaited and anticipated phablet series every year. The next phablet to launch in the flagship is Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Over recent days, there have been some interesting rumors spreading regarding the interiors and the exteriors of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10.


From the sources, Galaxy Note 10 is expected to get some amazing changes and new features. Note 10 is also expected to have an increased screen size with an aspect ratio of 19:9. According to Phonearena, the rear camera will be vertically stacked whereas the front camera will be aligned to the center. The camera design is completely different from the Samsung Galaxy S10. It is confirmed that the Note 10 will not be having a 64MP rear camera. This is something which will only appear on mid-range Samsung devices. The design also shows the stylus will be placed exactly below the rear camera.

According to Forbes, Galaxy Note 10 is supposed to get incredible fast-charging support of 50W. If rumors are to be believed then the Note 10’s rumored 4500mAH would get charge in just 35 minutes. As there is some great competition around with  OnePlus using 30W charging on the OnePlus 7 Pro, or Huawei’s P30 Pro featuring a 40W charger. It’s now Samsung’s turn to step in and show its potential.

There are also rumors which says that the Note 10 will be a button-less Phablet. The volume rocker buttons, Bixby button, and power button are expected to get replaced by some gestures or squeeze mechanism. The device is expected to launch in four variants which would include two 4G and two 5G variants.


The Galaxy Note 10 is expected with an August reveal and September retail launch. There is still some handful amount of time left for the launch. Till then we will just have to wait for other rumors and leaks to come.