Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 could Feature an Under-Display Selfie Camera

The evolution of design has seen a shrinking of bezels and an effort to minimise the space taken by the selfie camera and provide end to end display. With Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, this could take a step further with providing an under-display selfie camera. With the new display technology, we have got an under-display fingerprint in many latest smartphones and under-display could be one of the features that we are waiting for a long time.


A report from a Korean news firm ETNews suggests that Samsung is working on adopting under-display camera (UDC) to the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 which is supposed to launch in the third quarter of 2021. A few months back, Xiaomi had teased about the technology of under-display camera and stated that it would be included in the upcoming phones in 2021.

The actual photos taken by the under-display camera have not been that great. So in order to solve that issue, Samsung will be making some tweaks in the design that will widen the pixels over the camera sensor which will allow more light to go through and take better pictures with better quality.

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Samsung Electronics plans to solve the issue with a special display design. “It is heard that Samsung Electronics is designing a display that has wider pixel spacing in the area where UDC will be placed in order to secure opening ratio and so that there will not be an issue with taking pictures.” said one industry official who is familiar with the situation.

However, someone who has been using the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 for some time now may not see the value of under-display selfie camera as you can always adjust the main camera with the outer display to get a better picture. Although if Samsung succeeds in incorporating this technology and hiding the camera under the display, it could be a great breakthrough and can be used on other devices as well.