Pune RTO Planning to Add WhatsApp Complaint Support Against Autorickshaw Drivers

Pune RTO Planning to Add WhatsApp Complaint Support Against Autorickshaw Drivers

If you are living in Pune, then it is not a new thing to face an arrogant Autorickshaw driver. Every now and then, there are so many cases against Autorickshaw Drivers for denying the ride, arguing or improper behavior with passengers. There is Autorickshaw’s fare mention in the M Indicator App, but still, the driver charges more. Pune RTO has come up with one new solution of enabling WhatsApp Complaint again these drivers.

Take the help of Social Media like WhatsApp is an innovative way to solve the problem. A user can lodge a complaint against the three-wheeler vehicle driver simply using WhatsApp or an email. All that the user needs to do is to share the autorickshaw’s vehicle registration number and the photo of the driver.

Pune regional transport officer Sanjay Raut said, “We regularly initiate drives to ensure that law-abiding commuters don’t face issues, but we are hampered by lack of manpower. Soon we will make provisions for people to reach out to us with vehicle registration number and photos of problematic auto drivers to take immediate actions.”

Such innovative steps should be adopted by other cities RTO too. This can help a passenger a lot and it becomes easy to lodge complain via WhatsApp or email rather than the traditional physical way.

This new step is welcomed by the people of Pune and RTO department expects that the safety and comforts of the passenger increases. Do let us know your thoughts on this move by Pune RTO in the comment box below.

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