PUBG Mobile India Will be Initially Available to Android Users Only

There is some good news for PUBG lovers in India. The PUBG Corporation that owns PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite has been officially registered in India as an Indian Subsidiary. The company has been registered with the Ministry of Affairs with an initial investment of Rs. 5 lakh. The company was officially registered on 25th November and can be available for users anytime soon now.


It has been reported that the Indian version of PUBG will be initially available for Android users and sometime later the game will be available for iOS users. The company has made Bengaluru as its headquarters which means that Indian subsidiary of PUBG Mobile India will look after the operations in India.


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Two directors are appointed for the PUBG Mobile India, one of which is Kuma Krishnan Iyer and the other is the Head of corporate development Sean (Hyunil) Sohn. Recently PUBG Corporation had also announced that it would be investing USD 100 million into the Indian subsidiary of the PUBG Corporation. It is also known that the Company will run solo in India.

PUBG was earlier banned in India in September due to national security reasons. There has been quite a buzz on Twitter as people are awaited for the launch of PUBG Mobile. PUBG is one of the most played games in India. There came a lot of alternatives of PUBG but users are still waiting for it to make a comeback in India. With Chinese corporation Tencent not being a part of PUBG Mobile Corporation, it will be easy for PUBG to sustain in India for the long term.