What is Project Treble on Android 8.0

With the Release of Android 8.0, Google says that it Supports Project Treble on Android 8.0. Many Android Enthusiasts doesn’t know the term what Project Treble means with the Introduction of Android 8.0.


The Project Treble is a new Architecture of  Android OS Framework for Manufacturers, which is mainly designed to make Faster, Cheap and Easily Acccessible software updates to Latest Version of Android. Project Treble is basically Targetting any Android device that Launches with Android 8.0 or Beyond.

Also in Custom ROM Development, Earlier It used to Port a ROM to the latest Android version which will take Lots of Months, But now it is all being simple. It just needs very few days to Port a ROM to new Android Version.

What does it mean For Manufacturers?

A System Image which is Created for A Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor Based Smartphone, Can Also be Run on the very Similar Samsung Exynos based Galaxy smartphones. This is more like Google is Working for the First time on Bringing a Universal Architecture. Of Course, Device Drivers will be Different for individual companies. But it will More Likely be able to Boot and Do essential Functions; Then an Internet Connection is needed to Connect to Google servers to download the Necessary Driver package for every device.

How were Android Updates Being Handled Before the Release of Android 8.0?

Before the Release of Android Oreo, Which is Nougat and Earlier versions of Android. Every Manufacturer Individually needs to tweak the code for every Device.

Now With The Project Treble on Android 8.0, Google Has Created a New Vendor Interface which is Only for Manufacturers. Which also Gives Access to Hardware Layer of Android. Device Makers Just need to Update the Android OS Framework to Release New Android Versions to People. Android Updates on Oreo will put Less Pressure on Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung Exynos, Huawei Kirin Processors and MediaTek Processors. To Put it into Simpler Terms and Easy Understanding, This is More like how you Apply New Themes on Your Phones. But in this, Whole Android Interface and Layers Update to a Whole New Shiny Android Version.

Will this put an end to Custom ROM’s and Root?

Many People Get into custom ROM’s and Root only to make sure that they’re in the latest Software update. But with these Recent Changes, You Might think that the Development of Custom ROM’s is over. This is false. As This is Just an Only way to get the latest update and It will Still have the Manufacturer Skin and Bloatware.


The Only way to eradicate the Bloatware and Make Sure That You are in Stock Android still depends upon Aosp ROM’s. Developers are The Only way You can Get the Best of Android.

Treble will only make sure that you’re on Google’s Latest Update which also Involves latest Security patches. It will give you a Peace of Mind that You’re not missing out on any newest Feature. To Know the Devices Which are Qualified for Project Treble, Visit this Link.