#IO2015 : Project Tango DevKit now available to all

Project Tango is a concept that has been around for quite some time now. The amazing visualisation venture by Google enables the user to interact with his/her environment in a much more fun and immersive manner, thanks to the technologies involving augmented reality.


Although Google I/O 2015 did not have a keynote dedicated specially to the whole concept of Mobile 3D Tracking and Perception, it did make the Development Kit for Project Tango publicly available.


According to the official description of the concept, Project Tango from Google brings Motion Tracking, Depth Perception and Area Learning to mobile devices. It basically creates an interactive and immersive environment, allowing the user to extend the boundaries of the phone\’s activities to well beyond the screen edges.

Developers can already access the dedicated Dev Kits that enable them to develop applications suited to fuel the Augmented Reality prowess of mobile devices. The dev kit mainly comprises of a tablet with a host of cameras dedicated to understanding motion, depth perception and area tracking.


Needless to say, the scope of Project Tango is immense. People can now access a platform which enables them to navigate in a more innovative manner, study objects in 3D and also play games in a 3D Environment. With the aid of custom sensors and software suited to process the data collected, Project Tango promises to be a breakthrough in Augmented Reality.

I/O 2015

No, they did not have a dedicated keynote for Project Tango. But what Google did do is that it released the kit for everyone. The Project Tango development kit is now available to buy at $512 from the Play Store – which is actually half the price of what it used to be.

The tablet has stellar sensors for motion detection and depth perception, along with specs such as 4GB RAM, 128GB internal memory and an NVIDIA Tegra K1 Processor. The display is a 7 inch 1080p one, and the kit comes with a mini dock, USB cables and an AC Adaptor.


As of now, it seems to be available only in the U.S. Play Store.