The Pokémon game comes to picture again

According to the recent tweet of Takashi Mochizuki, which points to an excerpt of Dena
the financial briefing, that reveals that the publisher has joined hands with The Pokémon
the company, that would release a game of the smartphone that would launch a game based on the Pokémon license which is coming to an end of the fiscal year. Before knowing everything, everybody should know about the game business. A game business has two functions:

  • Launching an exciting game which is based on the Pokemon franchise which is
    globally popular.
  • Information about the game and launch timing of the game is also launched.
  • One thing that’s a little concerning about this recent arrangement is that it partnership between DeNA and The Pokémon Company (not DeNA and Nintendo), and as we learned in March, Nintendo has kept a short leash on DeNA (and its other mobile partners) to ensure that the monetization of its mobile titles remain fair. Currently, there is no way to know if The Pokémon Company cares enough about its Pokémon license to do the same.

From Dena’s investor briefing, there is very little information for going on.
Information can be derived that there is very little information though it is known to
us that the project will be based on the Pokémon license and should be landing here
before March 2020. Other details would be revealed later. It would have been nice id
Dena would be getting inventive with the title which is upcoming as there are many
various genres that could be explored through the pokemon license, though it is
feared that the very obvious choice is that the title might be a gacha game. Until
sufficient information is revealed, nothing would be known to us. One thing