Poco Confirms F2 is on its way to India Market Soon

Poco have been one of the Xiaomi’s favorite brand after it released the Poco F1 back in September 2018 and since then many Poco phones have been launched this year. Now Poco has confirmed that F2 will be coming to the Indian Market soon with its promotional video in it’s Twitter official account.


The account showcased a video from the time when the company started its operations in India and the photos of launches till date. Near about when the video comes to 0.44s the screen comes to split and shows a message “The F2”, the company confirms that it is work ing on Poco F2. When the Poco F1 launched, it came with a flagship processor and was launch at a cheaper rate than the other phones with Snapdragon 845 chipset

and is still available for purchase at Amazon.

However, the company did not spill any specification in the video about the upcoming Poco F2 but some leaks suggest that it will come with Snapdragon 732G chipset The phone will be backed by 4250 mAh Battery and will be having a quad-camera setup. The smartphone will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz with AMOLED Display and will support NFC which we did not get to see in Poco F1. Though we suggest you to not dwell on this information and could consider it as a mere reference though follow this article as we get new news on Poco F2 specifications.

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