Pixel 4 Spotted in Real World Images, Shows Off Thin Bezels

Pixel 4 is expected to be launched in October, more information regarding this Google flagship device is leaking out. Specs, render and various other things have been leaked previously, but now we get to see the real-world look of the Pixel 4. When life image was from an obtuse angle, from that we get to see the top portion of the phone with the selfie camera. Although the face recognition and gestures when not visible in the image, it is maybe due to the poor quality of the image and also the glare which is falling onto the screen of the device. 

From the image, we get to see really thin bezels on every side of the design. Compared to previous models by Google such as Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, it looks fall better. From the previous render of the device Pixel 4, it was confirmed that it will be having thin bezels. Although it is assumed that the image was captured in such an angle which makes the bezel thinner than the actual device. The device Pixel 4 was sighted with detailed white back and orange power button, although none of this feature is visible in the leaked image. 

In the image, the edge of the picture is appeared to be black, each and every framing of the previous devices are the same made by Google. We all are interested to know more about this device along with the complete real-life look. We might get more of the leaked images of the real-life device before the actual launch of the Pixel 4. We will definitely cover each and every detail about the upcoming device launch of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Stay tuned to get more information about these devices.