Phones With 5 Days Battery Life Possible With New Lithium-Sulfur Battery

It is a curse in disguise to carry a charger with your phone every now and then. The current smartphone with a high capacity battery can help you in daily activity just for one day. You need to recharge your phone almost once or twice in 24 hours. Well, the future is not the same. Monash University researchers have developed the world’s most efficient lithium-sulfur battery, capable of powering a smartphone for five continuous days.


The University Blog Says, “Monash University researchers are on the brink of commercializing the world’s most efficient lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery, which could outperform current market leaders by more than four times, and power Australia and other global markets well into the future.

Monash University Team Working On New Lithium-Sulfur Battery

The researchers have already filed a patent for the battery’s manufacturing process, and prototypes have been made in an R&D center in Germany. The next step in the battery’s development will take place later this year in Australia, where the lithium-sulfur batteries will be tested in cars and solar grids.

With the help of this new Lithium-Sulfur Battery, the future of Smartphones, as well as Electronic Vehicles, will change completely. Now, let’s wait and watch how much time it takes to enter the mainstream market and make our future better.