Paytm Gets New UI With Passbook, Scanner and Profile Updates for Faster Money Transfers

Paytm is an India’s leading payment platform which offers comprehensive payment service to its users. On Monday Paytm has updated its app with a number of new features. With the latest update, your Paytm app will become more personalized and user-friendly. Also, the app gets a new look to the Passbook tab, home screen, and Profile section.


The company claims that it will make easier for users to send money to anyone by reducing the number of steps, adding more options for a funding source, optimizing the back-end and adding features such as recent. Adding all this feature will help users to transfer money from their Paytm bank account, Paytm Wallet to any other bank account at zero percent fees.

“The new design is refreshing and has upgraded to some of the most important flows including Money Transfers. Our offline payments have also scaled as we pioneered Paytm QR, enabling merchants to accept payments directly into their bank accounts. This year, we are aiming for an exponential growth in Money Transfer transactions by transforming payments done in the unorganized sector.” said by Kiran Vasireddy, COO of Paytm.

New Features of Paytm app:

New Home Screen:

Paytm app gets a new home screen that looks very simple but lets you focus on some of the most used Paytm features. In new home screen, you will now see relevant categories upfront based on your usage. The rest of the feature will be available under the View All button below the second row. You can make quick payment with one touch from your Home Screen under the Recent Payments section. The app will show all your recent payments that you have made at stores or money which is paid to your friends.

Money Transfer Revamp:

With the latest update, money transfer has become simpler and faster. You can easily send money from Paytm wallet or any bank account to other bank accounts at 0% fee. Also, you can add beneficiaries, an enhanced security feature which helps for making faster repeat payments. Moreover, now the app allows you to send money to UPI address, Aadhaar number or to any Mobile directly. As compared to an earlier version of an app, now money transfer done quickly and more efficiently.

The New Passbook:

Earlier passbook on Paytm app shows accounts history and balance that has been changed with the new update which now shows all information in a snapshot. The app will allow you to see a summary of all accounts you hold on Paytm i.e Wallet, Saving Account, UPI, Fixed Deposit and more.

New Profile Section:

The Paytm profile gets more personalized experience which adds most relevant items on the upfront. The QR code has also received an update which allows users to send money or get themselves added to your contacts and start a chat. With Paytm scanner update, you can now be able to see you’re recent scan upfront which is the easy way to repeat recurring payments. The app will also show easy to understand videos of how to use various features of Paytm.

Recently Paytm added Self KYC for quicker verification on Android device. Also, with Paytm app you can receive refunds and send payment directly to the bank. The new update of Paytm app will soon roll out for Android users. let us know your feedback in our comment section below.