Paytm Android App Asking for Root Permission

As we know, when it comes to digital payments, Paytm is the biggest brand in the country. But earlier this week, many users have reported that Paytm app is asking for root privileges on Android devices. Many people get confuse because of a big brand like Paytm ask for root permissions from their users.


After this issue came to the surface, Beebom has contacted the Paytm support team and the company has no clarification for this trouble caused. Apparently, Paytm said that the app asked for root permission just to gather details about the device and its OS version.

We know that all Android app does require device details such as OS version and more, Android already gives permissions for that. But requesting root access by Paytm is completely unnecessary in this case. Many users raise the question for what, the Paytm need those root permission. However with root access, one can do whatever they want on the victim phone.

Baptiste Robert, a French security researcher which is also known as Elliot Anderson on Twitter have contacted Paytm about the issue of root access. He has done a conversation with Deepak Abbot who is Sr. Vice President at Paytm. In conversation, Deepak stated that the app was requesting root access to simply alert the user. You can check the conversation just below.

For many days this conversation between Robert and Paytm was going on. Later Paytm finally contacted Baptiste Robert and said that that they have rolled out a fix which includes a config change which will not ask the root access permission from the user. Due to Elliot Alderson, the issue is finally solve, and the Paytm app has stopped asking for superuser request.

However Paytm is not the only company which keeps its ethics and security aside in the race of payment companies. Many big brands like BSNL and Truecaller is also been in public attention for this bad reasons. So we can say that when it comes to data security, privacy, and protection there are some big flaws which are often ignore by Indian tech companies.

Almost every smartphone user in India used Paytm app for digital payment. Even though it has tough competition from Google Tez, still Paytm has managed to retain its position on the top. Paytm is leading mobile payments company in the country and has become favorite of the Indian users.

As for now the issue of root access is solved. But if you are still getting the same issue on your Paytm app then do comment down below. We will surely look into it.