Order Food Using Google Without the help of any Delivery App

Google will partner with various food delivery vendors and provide the option of ordering food right without the help of any specific delivery app to the users. This is being done specifically to save the hassle of having to download multiple apps on the phone.


Google will use Assistant as well as Maps, and Google Pay to make it possible. Google has added the feature of “Order Online” to help users order food. This feature will be visible once the user is trying to actively search for a restaurant.

The users will also be provided with the choice to pick between Pickup and Delivery as per their convenience. The order would, of course, be saved which can be re-ordered later at the user’s will. All that needs to be done is to ask the Assistant to place the same order again.

Google has still not provided any clarity however if this feature can be used on speakers which are powered with Google Assistant.

For now, Google has partnered with five delivery services – Postmates, DoorDash, Delivery.com, Slice and ChowNow. There are also plans to get Zuppler on board eventually. Other select apps will also be added to make it possible for Google to deliver a wholesome experience. Already, Google has enabled users to understand the source of different information flowing through the search network.


Google Pay will also be integrated if the restaurant supports it. Do let us know, what do you think about this new improvement in the Google App in the comment box below.