Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi Join Hands to Launch Their Own AirDrop Alternative

The smartphone market is having three Chinese giants who manufacture smartphone devices. Majority of the users are using Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo Android devices, due to affordable smartphones. They are joining hands with each other to build a new wireless file transfer protocol for Android smartphone devices. This will be much similar to Apple’s AirDrop files sharing feature. An upcoming feature will be called Inter-Transfer Alliance which was initially translated from the Chinese name. 


So basically, is three Chinese joint manufactured Android devices will be having similar file transfer Technology which will be offered to their users. So basically, can be used for transferring different kinds of file types which includes, videos, photos, zip files, documents, audio files and various other types of files. It will be transferred via Bluetooth, and most likely Wi-Fi will be used in the backend. Similarly, it will offer speed up to 20MBps, which is comparatively similar to the AirDrop feature. 

According to the official blog post made by Xiaomi, Alliance feature will be currently used by above mentioned 3 phone manufacturers. But they have welcomed other smartphone manufacturer to use the same file transfer feature if they are interested in it. Even though the official announcement was entirely in the Chinese language, which was translated into English which states this. “Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo jointly established the “Inter-Transfer Alliance” to achieve cross-brand One-key mutual transmission, bringing users a better file transfer experience. 

After the call, the inter-transfer function is fast, fast, low-power, no need for traffic and third-party applications, cross-brand file transfer and data migration “one-touch”, and recently open beta”. By default, there is no reliable and fast file transfer system between Android devices, show this data transfer protocol will have much success if it performs correctly. There are similar third-party applications are available which can be used for file sharing, but this system will be implemented into the Android system which does not require any third-party application.