OnePlus will Include These High-Requested Features from Fans in its Upcoming Phones

The OnePlus community has shared some features out of which some of them will be included to help make the Oxygen OS better. OnePlus started an IDEAS Program to get suggestions from the community members to make the Oxygen OS better, this initiative was taken earlier this year. The program has shown great results where OnePlus stated that there were over 5000 submissions and over ten thousand discussions. In September, IDEAS 2.0 was launched which lasted till 6th November from which some of the ideas have been adopted by OnePlus.

Credits: OnePlus

Adopted Features Provided by OnePlus community in IDEAS 2.0

1. Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback

As the name suggests, this feature would allow to set volume settings for each app. This would allow users to keep listening to what user is listening without interruption from other apps or system sounds like call or message. This feature will allow user to give or deny permission to any apps that wishes to pause the music.

2. Partial Screenshot

This is a much need feature that OnePlus will be adopting in its newer update of the Oxygen OS. Partial screenshot will allow users to take a screenshot and crop the specific part of the screen that they want to save. This will save memory, time, and energy.

3. Lock Screen Customization

Lock screen customization could give more freedom to the users on how they want their lock screen to look. This could include lock screen functions, looks with different clock, weather information, and even shortcuts.

4. Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus and vice versa

“A file on a laptop should be sharable to my OnePlus with a single click” a user said. This feature could function as AirDrop which is used for sharing files between Apple devices.

5. Add a FPS counter option to Game Space

This feature could help gamers to track their gaming performance. With the refresh rate becoming one of the key components before buying a phone, it could be a way to take advantage of this.

6. Dark mode to be black instead of grey, or at least option for both

Dark Mode has become one of the most essential part of smartphone and many applications have started adopting this feature. OnePlus users want a more dark color scheme instead of grey which shows some UI elements or have an option for both.

7. Power Diet – Save up for a rainy day!

This is a more aggressive version of saving battery where only essential services are enabled and rest all are disabled. This feature is already available in some smartphone brands such as LG and Samsung.

These are the feature that has been adopted by OnePlus and it’s only just a matter of time till we see these features in the new updates of Oxygen OS.