OnePlus to Launch Wireless Earbuds to Rival Apple Airpods: Report

As everyone knows, the world is shifting from wired technology to wireless technology. Everything is going wireless. This trend is running successfully in the audio accessory market. People have shown immense interest in the wireless earbuds of Apple Airpods and Samsung Galaxy Buds. Even Realme has announced that it could bring the truly wireless earbuds in India in December. If the rumors are true, there will be no surprise if OnePlus comes up with the truly wireless earbuds.


OnePlus is already in the race of wireless earphones. It has launched two wireless earphones, Bullets and Bullets 2. They are wireless but not truly wireless. The two earbuds have a cord in between them. The earphone gets connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. But the new wireless earphone from OnePlus is rumored to be truly wireless which means that it won’t have any cord between two earbuds.

The rumor about the upcoming earphone from OnePlus came out from a report from tipster Max J who revealed that OnePlus is working on its first-ever ‘true’ wireless earbuds. He also posted a concept image of the upcoming OnePlus true wireless which says that the earbuds will allow users to “listen without the cords in your way” during workouts or other physical activities.

The new earbuds are expected to have a better battery life than its competitors like Apple Airpods and Samsung Galaxy Buds. The design is expected to have silicone ear tips and might even include more powerful drivers and better tuning. The OnePlus buds will outreach among other competitors if it brings active noise cancellation. Currently, the OnePlus 8 series is on the line to get launched. There are rumors that the OnePlus 8 series is in its testing phase. So there are high chances that the new earbuds from OnePlus might get launched along with the OnePlus 8 series next year.


There are no official words from OnePlus about the upcoming truly wireless earbuds. To get the latest updates about the upcoming OnePlus earbuds follow AboveAndroid on Facebook and Instagram.