OnePlus Smartwatch Could Arrive with the OnePlus 8

OnePlus is also creating smartwatch just like most of the smartphone companies doing nowadays. Currently, OnePlus is one of the best smartphone manufacturers available in the market which is preferred by the majority of the users. Due to the Goodwill, they have gained by smartphones with the best quality of cameras and hardware, they are also one of the most recommended brands for other products also. 


Apart from smartphone devices, OnePlus has also launched OnePlus TV in India which is having several advanced features like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. OnePlus also manufactures wireless headphones, which will work extremely well any smartphone devices. OnePlus brand is having several rivals which include Xiaomi, so definitely they are going to increase the competition by introducing their own first smartwatch. 

OnePlus Smartwatch

According to the co-founder of OnePlus, the development of smartwatch is going on for years but there was no release of the smartwatch in the past. Recently there were several rumors about the OnePlus smartwatch to be released in the market. OnePlus company could launch the OnePlus Watch along with OnePlus 8, which is being confirmed from the latest report on the future releases of the company. 

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Also, their new flagship device will get released in January 2020. Although there is not much information available regarding the OnePlus smartwatch, it is expected that it will be named as OnePlus Watch. There is no confirmed report on the existence of OnePlus Watch. According to rumors, OnePlus will compete against their rival Xiaomi who were going to launch their smartwatch in the market. 

Also, Google is developing its own version of smartwatch after the acquisition of Fitbit, and they are also developing their own WearOS. Most Likely it will be having Qualcomm processor and chipset along with 1 GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage. There is no information available regarding the design of the smartwatch, but it will be powered by an operating system based on Google’s WearOS.