OnePlus Nord Gets First Android 11 Based OygenOS 11 Open Beta Update

OnePlus recently shared a message last week that OnePlus Nord will be getting Android 11 update this week and OnePlus 7 and 7T are the next smartphones to be the next in line for receiving updates. For other devices, OnePlus will provide Android 11 update to OnePlus 6 and upper models. OnePlus 8 series is already running on Android 11 out of the box with its stable release. However, OnePlus Nord has received its first Open Beta for Android 11 and will be getting a stable release in sometime in future. So we can expect OnePlus 9 which will be debuting in March to run on Android 11 out of the box.


The changelog in the OnePlus community Forum shows that the phone will be updated to Android 11. one of the fascinating feature that we get to see in this update is Ambient Display where a new insight clock is added which will change according to the phone usage. A new canvas feature is added where it will automatically draw a wireframe of the image set on lock screen and display it on the ambient display. Also they have added 10 more clock styles that you can check out in the settings.

We needed more customization for Dark Mode right? We have got it, you can directly access dark mode from the quick settings to enable or disable the feature. Also you can now automatically set timings to turn on or off this feature from sunrise to sunset or a custom time range.

We get to see big changes in the gallery as it is different from what it was before. Gallery now supports story functions which will automatically form weekly videos from photos and videos in the storage. Also, OnePlus states that they have optimized the loading speed of the gallery and the preview of the image is faster.

How to Install OnePlus Nord Android 11 based OxygenOS 11 Open Beta 1 Update

Steps to install OnePlus Nord Android 11 based OxygenOS 11 Open Beta Update 1

Total Time: 10 minutes

Download OnePlus Nord Android 11 Beta Update

Download the Android 11 Beta update from here –
Indian Version
Global Version

Move OnePlus Nord Android 11 Beta to Root Directory

Go to the location where the OnePlus Nord Android 11 Beta is downloaded and move it to the root directory which is the internal storage of your phone and rename the file if the downloaded file has .jar format, if the file is in .zip format, do not change anything.

Go to System Updates and select the Gear icon

Open settings from quick settings or app drawer and select system from the options you will see System Updates, select that and now there is a gear icon on the top right corner select it.


Select Local Upgrade to Install OnePlus Nord Android 11 based OxygenOS Beta Update 1

The file that you have moved to the root directory will appear in the local upgrade so select the file to start installing the OnePlus Nord Android 11 Beta Update

Reboot the device

The final steps is to reboot the device to finalize the installation of OnePlus Nord Android 11 Beta update.


  • Internet connection


  • At least 30% battery

Materials: OnePlus Nord