OnePlus Explains Why OnePlus 6 Have No Wireless Charging

Recently OnePlus has launched the latest smartphone OnePlus 6 worldwide. OnePlus 6 comes with latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor along with new gestures feature. Like most other smartphones, the device also has a notch on the top of a display which is followed by the front camera, earpiece and proximity sensor. But the weird thing is: No Wireless Charging.


The company has released three color variants of OnePlus 6 smartphone which includes Mirror Black, matte Midnight Black, and smooth Silk White. In addition, OnePlus has partnered with Marvel studio to launch limited Avenger Edition of OnePlus 6.  The handset also has a glass back which gives a premium look and allows ultra fast data speed.

Although the OnePlus 6 has all glass design, it doesn’t have wireless charging. As there are many people who like wireless charging technology for charging their smartphone. But as per the company, wireless charging is not good as compare to dash charging. However, Dash Charging is the popular way to quickly charge their OnePlus 6 smartphone. The company has clearly stated that they will omit wireless charging from the latest OnePlus 6 smartphone.

“We don’t really feel the need to add wireless charging. We’re not going to add a feature just for the sake of it.” said by OnePlus when asked about OnePlus 6 wireless charging.

Before the launch of OnePlus 5T, the company confirmed that it won’t have wireless charging technology on any of their smartphones at least in near future. Also, back in November 2017, Pete Lau, Co-founder of OnePlus shared two reasons why the company not decided to include wireless charging technology.

Why OnePlus Smartphone Have No Wireless Charging

  • Dash Charging is the quick solution for charging your OnePlus smartphone. Just you have to plug your device in and Dash Charge will produce 20 watts of power which give enough power for a whole day in just half an hour.
  • Also, Dash Charge gives you enough power for the day with just one quick charging session. For that, you just need Dash Charge adaptor and cable to power your OnePlus smartphone at a superior rate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re streaming videos or playing a hardcore game. Dash charge stays cool and powers your smartphone efficiently.
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Even after moving on all glass design on OnePlus 6 smartphone. The company still believes these two reasons are enough to not include wireless charging. Moreover, there is no doubt that Dash Charging is faster than wireless charging. Do comment below if you are ok with the fact for not including Wireless Charging on OnePlus 6 smartphone.