OnePlus Concept One with Invisible Rear Cameras Unveiled at CES 2020

OnePlus was previously teasing a new technology which they were to introduce in their upcoming devices. Finally, they have unveiled their latest concept on their smartphone at CES 2020. The upcoming device will be having premium design along with a new interesting smartphone design which is an invisible camera in the rear side of the smartphone. They have collaborated with McLaren in order to manufacture their new smartphone, which will be soon available for pre-order. 


OnePlus has confirmed that their upcoming smartphone device is an inspiration from McLaren’s Spider Luxury sports car. They will be featuring a retractable hard drop electrochromic glass panel to complete the design in their device. According to OnePlus, we will be leaving the same electrochromic glass at the rear side of the concept one smartphone which is also used in the original car. They are using organic particles which will make changes in the glass which is protecting the camera lens in order to give the complete invisible glass effect. 

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This is one of the unique glass designs which will change the glass from opaque black to transparent glass just within 0.7 seconds. They are also offering a built-in polarizing filter for the camera which is a secondary feature apart from color shifting Technology. This is the most advanced electrochromic glass technique; it is made out of two glass panels man having organic material in between which is helping the measurement of 0.1 mm each. 

The combined thickness of these materials is 0.35 mm, and it is confirmed that it will not drain any power for this functionality. But they have not revealed any specification about the device, and according to expect it will have the best hardware available in the market. They will be featuring the signature color of McLaren as Papaya Orange, which is made out of aluminum alloy using a vapor deposition procedure.