OnePlus Has Big Plans For The Indian Market

Since its launch in India, OnePlus has enjoyed a huge response for its flagship killer – the OnePlus One. The device came with top notch specs and was offered at a jaw dropping price point which was quite accessible by all.


However, recent events have not really been favourable for the company. With Cyanogen explicitly declaring its support for Micromax\’s YU series, and CM discontinuing its partnership with OnePlus, the company was in deep waters. Added to the fact that sales, import and marketing of Cyanogen branded OnePlus Ones were banned, it seemed like a short love affair between OnePlus and its Indian consumers.

Recently, OnePlus challenged the ban in the Delhi High Court, stating that it was unfair and extremely sudden. And just yesterday, the Delhi High Court made the decision that allowed OnePlus to clear its stocks in India and market phones without the Cyanogen branding.

Long story short, OnePlus will be back in India very soon!

In a recent blog post by Carl Pei, the Co-Founder and Global Director of OnePlus, it was mentioned that the company has big plans for India soon.

He acknowledged the fact that India – which although has the most energetic presence on the forums – was late in receiving the OnePlus One. He stated that as far as the newer products were concerned, India would be the first to receive them.

\”We have some big plans in the works, India. And while it took a while for us to get the One to you, we promise that won’t be the case in the future. India will be one of the first countries to see our newest products in the future.\” – Carl Pei

He also revealed plans of a local office being set up in Bangalore, which would house the GM, marketing, logistics and R&D teams of OnePlus India. This would undoubtedly deliver customised products according to the needs of their Indian clientèle, which is quite commendable!

He concludes by maintaining an optimistic approach towards the challenges he faced in India, and looks forward to experiencing more success in the Indian market.


Without a doubt, a stronger OnePlus is in the works. With their dirt cheap power bank already announced, and a OnePlus Two scheduled to launch in 2015, the company sure has a lot of plans up its sleeve! We hope they stick true to their motto of \’Never Settle\’, and continue to bring great products which are aggressively priced!