OnePlus 6 Red Releasing on 16 July In India

After the immense success of OnePlus 6, the company has now decided to launch a new limited-edition variant of OnePlus 6 Red. Recently, OnePlus has announced that it will release a new Red OnePlus 6 edition. In India, it will be releasing on 16 July. The Red edition of OnePlus 6 is said to be designed with expert craftsmanship and material design which features an amber-like effect. At the official launch of OnePlus 6,  the company launched three variants including Midnight Black with 8GB RAM and up to 256GB storage, Mirror Black with 8GB RAM and up to 128GB storage and Silk White limited edition with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.


This is not the first time when OnePlus has introduced a red variant. Earlier OnePlus did offer OnePlus 5T Lava limited-edition in the red variant on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of OnePlus. This red color of OnePlus 6 is quite different from that of lava edition. The finish of this phone gives you a luxurious and rich look which is just beautiful and eye-catchy.


Oneplus has decided to give a new fresh coat paint of red to its latest device i.e. OnePlus 6. It has a six-layer glass design same as the other OnePlus 6 variants but it has an additional “anti-reflective layer”. This additional layer allows more light to reach the bottom of the glass layers before any light reflects off the phone. To make this OnePlus 6 red variant more alluring, the company mixed a translucent orange layer with a red base layer. The result of this is that it is one of the most promising, brightest and most pleasing red variants of phone you would ever see. Other than this, OnePlus 6 has the same 6.28 OLED display, dual rear camera and Snapdragon 845 chipset.


The price of the pleasing red variant of OnePlus 6 has been set as Rs. 39,999/- for 8GB RAM with 128GB of storage. This edition will go on for sale in the country from July 16.