Oneplus 5 & 5T Won’t Get Quicker Updates

OnePlus is a company found back in 2013 with the only Intention to Never Settle. That was their sole Motto. It was the time on Android where Specifications and Better Custom Roms only mattered to people, More than anything else. That is how People got more familiar with it. CyanogenMod was the Official Operating system that came with it. CyanogenMod Promise of Latest Software Updates and Commitment to Stability was the Selling Factor. Then came the Success of Oneplus 2, 3, 5 and X.


The Oneplus 5 as you all know is also a Dual Camera phone, With much Higher specifications like Dash Charging and selling at almost at the Price of Rs.37,999. It had excellent battery life. Oneplus then released its Oneplus 5T which was practically wholly bezeless retaining the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor, 3300 MaH battery, and The Price. What changed is the Dual Camera Setup which is now 16 MP + 20 MP camera sensor, and the display is 18:9 screen aspect ratio. Also now the Fingerprint sensor is Rear Mounted.

With the Release of Android 8.0, Google says that it Supports Project Treble. Treble is Google’s Answer to iOS Rapid Software Updates. Many Android users have a Problem with the way Android Handles Software Updates.

Software Updates on Android:

Android Users Don’t get software Updates Instantaneously like the way Apple iOS Devices Receive. Latest Android Software Updates is still being very exclusive to Google Nexus and Pixel users. Many People think that this is Google’s Way of Marketing their Exclusive Pixel Phones. But Google to Answer all their Critics, Implemented a New smart way of Handling New Software Updates with a New Architecture and Framework which addresses Manufacturers Concern About Delivering latest Software Updates.

The Project Treble is a new Architecture of  Android OS Framework for Manufacturers, which is mainly designed to make Faster, Cheap and Easily Acccessible software updates to Latest Version of Android. Project Treble is basically Targetting any Android device that Launches with Android 8.0 or Beyond.

Availability of Treble Support

 Oneplus Confirmed its Users on its Forums with their AMA that the Latest Oneplus 5 and Oneplus 5T won’t be supporting Google’s Greatest Project Treble. Even after Updating to the Latest Android Oreo 8.0. Treble would’ve Obviously Addressed the issues of Software Updates if Oneplus had Implemented it. By Doing that, They wouldn’t have the need and Dependence on Qualcomm.

If Companies like Oneplus Decided not to Ship Existing Products with Treble Support, This Would Only Impact the Current People who own Existing Android Devices without the Guarantee of receiving latest Android Updates much Quickly.

One thing is Assured, New Android Devices Which Releases with Android 8.0 Oreo has the requirement to Implement Treble By Default. All we can do is Count on the next Oneplus Device. Already Rumours say That Oneplus 6 will Come out with Exclusive Face Unlock Hardware

, Be Ditching Fingerprint All Together, Face Unlock which Supports Payments, Excellent Higher Camera Specifications, Project Treble Support and Android Oreo 8.0 Out of the Box.

Oneplus is also Already Rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo for Oneplus 3, Oneplus 3T, Oneplus 5, & Oneplus 5T. To know more about the Latest Features of Android 8.0 Oreo Please Click the Link.