OLineO Launch 70+ Mobile Retail Shops in Mumbai with One-Stop Online Shop.

On Thursday, in an event, OLineO launches online shop along with 70+ retail shops across Mumbai. The online portal will allow the users to buy the smartphones online along with other accessories like chargers, smartwatches, power banks.


With online shopping increasing day by day, the retail business has started facing difficulties. The customers have started preferring online shopping rather than shopping from the retail shops. As a result, the CEO of OlineO Vibhuti Prasad who had his retail mobile shop in Mumbai thought that something has to be done in order to bring back the faith of people in retail shopping again. So with the help of his other retail friends, he came up with the concept of “OLineO – Digital Duniya ki Apni Dukan”

What is OLineO?

OlineO is basically an online as well as a retail shop where people can do shopping from any of the places according to their convenience. The main aim is to give the customers the experiences of personalized service, touch and feel, and customer relationship which they fail to receive when they do online shopping. Whenever a customer will buy products from the online portal, the product will be delivered by the OlineO Salesman. The salesman will help you to transfer all your data from your old smartphone to a new smartphone. So all the services that one gets while buying a device from a retail shop will be given during the delivery.

In O-Line-O the first O stands for offline from where the company journey actually began. The second O stands for Online the modern technology. The Line in between connects the two O and also reprsents connection.

Features of OLineO:

  1. Delivery within 4 hours: Yes, you read it right. The company guarantees to deliver the product that you ordered online within 4 hours without applying any extra delivery charges.
  2. Joy of retail at doorstep: As mentioned above, all the experience of buying a product from the retail shop will be served at the customer’s doorstep in order to give the best services to the customers.
  3. Personalized Services: The customers will be provided with all the personalized services. The company focuses to make clients, not customers. So they will be trying their best to maintain relations with their clients.
  4. 100% Authentic Products: The biggest threat which people have while buying any product online is that the product which they are buying is authenticated or not. To overcome this threat, OLineO guarantees 100% authenticated products to be delivered.
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Even after getting all the services, if you still have any problem you can always contact any of the 70 stores across Mumbai. The stores will open from 7th June after the launch of the OLineO. The company is trying its best to market their new online and offline shops. The company is also expected to launch 200+ retail stores across India by Diwali 2019.