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Now Take Photos and Videos From Google Search Voice Command

Now Take Photos and Videos From Google Search Voice Command

by Abhishek VoheraMarch 21, 2014

Just a day ago, Google updated the Google Search Android App and added few of the new voice commands to it. With this new update a user can simply take the photos and the videos from the Google search app itself. Now you can just tap the microphone or say “Ok Google,” then “take a photo” or “take a video.” Google will launch your camera app in the preferred mode. So update your app, snap those shots and don’t forget to show off your beautiful photos!

Google Search

Many a times it is very lengthy process to go to app drawer search for the Camera app and then select the video option, It will surely take a few seconds of yours and during this period you can also miss your valuable moment. Thus, by using the voice command from the Google Search widget from the home screen you can open the camera with video mode in just couple of seconds.

The new update of Google Search also helps to find missing name of one of the songs while watching,then just tap the mic in your Google Search app (or say “Ok Google”) and say “Listen to TV.” You’ll find out the title, artist and other cover versions. As we have suggested to install the Google Search app as  : Top 10 Android Apps For 2014 To Just Blindly Install It.

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Whereas, opening a camera app from a home screen shortcut,  it really doesn’t take all that much time to tap your phone’s camera icon. But it can surely save a second or two while opening the Video mode directly.

You can find more voice actions at this link and try all of them.

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