Now Quickly Compare Apps on Google Playstore

Google Playstore to offer an application comparison section in the Play Store. The Playstore contains over millions of apps and decides to provide you with the best possible app you are looking for using parameters such as ratings, reviews and many more factors.


It is reported that the comparison section is available after a similar section on the application page which allows you to compare applications that are similar to what you are looking for with many comparison options. Currently, this feature is only limited to Media Player apps.

Credits: Android Police

Right now applications are compared on the basis of ease of use, playing on offline support, streaming or casting support, options of visual quality supported, what are the control features. Also, the comparison shows ratings and download of an individual app.

It is one of the best features that Google Playstore has come up with. As it will eliminate the need for the user to try and test each and every application before they make their mind about the application. This feature will come handy as it will provide various information in a tabular format which will be very much easy to define its features and also compare them at the same time.

The feature is reportedly available on 22.4.28 version of the play store but as Android Central suggests, there might be a server-side component which would determine whether this feature may show up or not. If you look at the new app listing on Google Play store, it is way better than the previous one and much more informational. It provides you data in a more easy format making it easy for the user to make decisions which app would be suitable for him the most according to his needs.


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