Now Google Assistant Can Assist you in Hindi

Google Assistant has started rolling Hindi queries support for its Android users. With this support, you can directly speak to the Google Assistant in Hindi and later it will show you the result. Users just have to set the language preference to English (India) on their Android devices. Compare to Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, Google has taken the first move to support the Hindi language.


The Hindi support feature of Google Assistant is not completely new. As Google Allo received a Hindi Assistant back in December 2016. Also, Google showcased a specific Google Assistant version for Jio Phone which supports both English and Hindi languages. You can directly interact in Hindi on your smartphone with just a single tap. However, only a few smartphones have received this functionality at this stage but expecting to roll out for all users in coming days.

Once activating the virtual assistant by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google” hotword, you can start with your commands in Hindi. The Google Assistant translate that command to English but replies you in Hindi. Similarly, you can translate your Hindi queries in English while typing. But the result can either be in English or Hindi depending on the availability of the results.

The Google spokesperson said in the statement, “The Google Assistant on Android phones and iPhones is currently available in English in India, built for English input but supporting a few selected Hindi queries. While we’ve launched the Hindi Google Assistant on Allo, it’s not available on phones yet. We are looking to bring the Assistant experience to more Indian languages over time.”

Steps to Enable Hindi support on Google Assistant:

  • Open the setting section on your Android device then select Languages & input.
  • Touch the language -> Add a language -> Add English (India) from the list and set it as the primary language.
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  • Now hold the home button on your smartphone to open Google Assistant.
  • Later touch the microphone to ask your question or perform actions in Hindi language.

The Assistant works well on various Android Oreo and Nougat running smartphone. Also, it works with an older Android version smartphone as Assitant receives support for Android 5.0 Lollipop version. The Google Assistant is also available for Tablet.

Apart from Hindi support, Google Assistant has received Russian language support which is reported by Android Police. It allows the developer to start building their services and apps for Russian-speaking audiences. The Russian language support comes in addition to various other international languages, including English (India) and English (US). Do try this feature and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.