The New Oneplus 5T Won’t Play HD Videos

OnePlus is a company found back in 2013 with the only Intention to Never Settle. That was their sole Motto. It was the time on Android where Specifications and Better Custom Roms only mattered to people, More than anything else. That is how People got more familiar with it. CyanogenMod was the Official Operating system that came with it. Then came the Success of Oneplus 2, 3, 5 and X.


The Oneplus 5 as you all know is also a Dual Camera phone, With much Higher specifications like Dash Charging and selling at almost at the Price of Rs.37,999. It had excellent battery life. Oneplus then released its Oneplus 5T which was practically whole bezeless retaining the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor, 3300 MaH battery, and The Price. What changed is the Dual Camera Setup which is now 16 MP + 20 MP camera sensor, and the display is 18:9 screen aspect ratio. Also now the Fingerprint sensor is Rear Mounted.

Now The Oneplus 5T Won’t Play HD Videos from Amazon Prime, Crackle, Google Play Movies, Hotstar, Netflix, and Viewster like Video Providers in High Definition. You would have seen the Above Android Review of our Oneplus 5T which clearly Mentioned that the Display is Full HD. But Even After Supporting a Full HD Display, It cannot Play Full HD Videos.

Breaking It Down into Simpler Terms

Full HD support Requires Widevine Level 1 DRM Content Requirement which is Essential for HD Streaming. The Oneplus 5T Right now only supports Widevine Level 3 which just plays SD Content, Like the 480P which is what an Old Television used to Play. It has only Being Noted Down Very Recently that even the 6-month-Old Oneplus 5 has this Defect of Not Playing HD Content.

Oneplus Reaction 

Oneplus Officially Announced and Recognized the Problem, Says that a Future Android Oreo Software Update on the Progress will Fix the Widevine Level 3 to The original. We all Should Wait for the Android Oreo to Hit our Devices and See if They could Fix it.

Power Of Oneplus 5T

Oneplus 5T is built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor; The Oneplus 5t has a Big 128GB option of Storage and Over 8 GB of RAM, and the display is 1080P with 18:9 screen aspect ratio which is of Over 5.5 Inch. The Impressive Specifications of Oneplus 5T is more than Enough even to Play FULL HD Content. But the Omission of this Very Important Widevine Level 1 Support doesn’t Make sense. All we Could Speculate is maybe to Improve its Battery Life. We will Update this Section Once Oneplus Fixes the Oneplus 5 and 5T with the Full HD Support on the Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies and Hotstar apps.