New Logo For Instagram and How Twitter Reacted On It

#InstaNew. Yep. If you woke up today to find a new logo in your phone dashboard, that rainbow like thumbnail is an update of Instagram. The Facebook owned picture sharing platform has got a new look and feel. The original logo with a retro camera has been replaced by sunset colors (orange, yellow, pink,purple) in the background and a white outline of a camera in the new logo for Instagram.


Instagram broke the news via its official blog and pushed a newer version for both iOS and Android. The app now got a very minimalistic design with fonts in black and notifications in red. Along with Instagram, other sister apps Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse also got a similar update.

This is the first logo redesign since Instagram first emerged five years ago. Brands official update says, “Our updated icon stays true to the camera and rainbow. The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.”

Well, a few Twitteratis agree to this statement and a few disagree with it. Let’s check out some tweets:

This guy hated the new avatar, for sure.

This clearly explains the denial.

This guy revealed the formula for an amazing logo and its way too funny.

Some people were pretty excited for the update. 

Don just revealed Instagram’s marketing secret.

And this tweet is Epic.


So, what’s your catch on this InstaNew, well to me it’s a refreshing change. Follow Above Android on Twitter : @AboveAndroid

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