New Budget Phone of OnePlus Could be Nord SE

OnePlus could be coming with a new budget phone under its line up of Nord phones which have become one of the best sellers in the Indian Market. However, Nord N10 5G and N100 are not selling in the Indian market whose price is lower than that of OnePlus Nord only available for Europe, North America. Nord was unveiled in the market in July with Snapdragon 765G processor becoming the first 5G phone to ever launch in India.


According to a recent article published by Android Central, it is known that OnePlus is working on a new budget phone and is expanding its portfolio in the budget smartphone segment. Just like the new Nord N10 5G and N100 were focused on the price, Nord SE will be a budget-focused model too. It is also known that this phone will feature some new exciting features.

Specifications of OnePlus Nord SE

Codename give to the OnePlus Nord SE is Ebba. It is also reported that the phone will support 65 W fast charging which was introduced in OnePlus 8T. It will have a 4500 mAh Battery which should take around 40 mins to fully charge from 0 to 100%. It feels like OnePlus is choosing some of the features from the flagship phones and combining them in a way which can be sold as a budget phone.

OnePlus Nord

Apart from this, Nord SE will have an AMOLED display just like the original Nord phone unlike Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 which has an LCD display.

Release date of OnePlus Nord SE

There is no official date or timeline known yet about the launch of OnePlus Nord SE but according to the sources, it is known that the phone will be released sometime soon after that launch of the upcoming flagship OnePlus 9, which will be launched in March 2021.


Just like Nord N10 5G and N100 were launched in the U.S and EU, Oneplus Nord SE will be available in India and EU only, it does not seem like the U.S will be getting a hand on this model during the launch.