Moto X 64 GB Goes on Sale in United States For $449

Motorola, the American technology based company has publicly announced its latest model the Moto X 64 GB. Despite of its amazing features, Moto X failed to receive good response in the market. Motorola is trying to boost up its lagging sales by launching the new Moto X 64 GB storage alternative. The Moto 64 GB storage smartphone is an alternative to Moto X.


The Moto X 64 GB smartphone comes with an exciting scheme that comes with a tag line of “try and buy”. According to this, the company offers their customers to first test the Moto X 64 GB smartphone for two weeks and can access the amazingly featured smartphone completely free of cost.

Specifications of Moto X 64 GB

This smartphone offers some of the amazing features. The Moto X 64GB features a display screen of 4.7 inches with 720p HD resolution and pixel density of 316 ppi. It is an amazing phone with Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system. Moto X 64 GB is supported by 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, S4 dual core processor. The storage capacity of the smartphone is 64 GB and 2 GB RAM. The phone features both primary as well as secondary camera. It comes with a primary camera of 10 megapixels with LED flash and full HD 1080p video recorder. The secondary camera of the phone is 2 megapixels with HD 1080p video recording capability. The phone comes with the dimensions of 129.3 x 65.3 X 65.3 X 5.6-10.4 mm. It weights 130 grams. Some other features of the phone are Bluetooth, WI-Fi, GPRS, 2200 mAh battery and EDGE.

Price of Moto X 64 GB

Moto X 64 GB is loaded with amazing features and will be available to the user at an exclusive price of $449 approximately.

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Why to buy Moto X 64 GB

One of the best features of Moto X 64 GB is that it has customizable shells. It enables the users to custom built according to their preferences. The company has developed a website known as Moto Maker that enables the user to choose the color of Moto X’s (64 GB) case and many other features. The innovative software of the phone has made it easier for the users to use the Android phone. Another advantage of the phone is that it provides storage capacity of 64 GB. This smartphone even allows touch less control i.e. the company has now put Google Now on steroids. This enables a Moto X 64 GB user to communicate with the phone even when it is asleep, to follow the directions and perform various functions.


Why not to buy Moto X 64 GB

The Moto X (64 GB) offers a HD display of 720p and not of 1080p. Almost all the high ranging smart phones and some of the mid ranging smart phones too offers a full HD screen. This 64 GB Moto X is not shown on the Moto Maker. This 64 GB Moto X smartphone will be available on T-Mobile (unlocked), AT&T, Republic Wireless and Sprint.